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About Brandi and Mike Romano

Mike and Brandi Romano share unbridled passion for capturing and sharing
the wilds of nature through their lens. From a very young age, Mike’s eye and passion for photography nurtured a hugely successful, international career with his captivating images from live concerts and sporting events. Once on Maui, he turned his attentions to nature’s magnificence.

Brandi, a true wildlife whisperer with an innate ability to attract all land and marine life, grew compelled to preserve her encounters through photography and the artwork they inspire, now
found in various galleries on Maui. Whale and spotted dolphin are her particular favorites. Her work was recently featured in Ocean Geographic Tmagazine.

As a couple, Mike and Brandi’s fascination with the ocean and marine life
began when they followed their hearts to Maui. Their collective eye
makes their wildlife images intimate and compelling, each photograph
bringing an awe inspiring story to life.

When not on the water or
traipsing through the woods, you can find Mike on the softball field or
tending to their yard. Brandi will be in her studio or playing with
their pups. Their genuine love for nature’s creations and their Ohana radiate in all they do.